What we do best


All Our Kids offers a complete Tutoring program to teach students reading, writing and math. Our Tutoring program caters to many hundreds of students between the ages of 12 and 18, making them learn the basics of reading, writing and how to tackle mathematical problems.

All Our Kids comes in handy for struggling readers and those who can’t write or solve mathematical problems. Our tutors teach and guide students through the reading and studying practice and help them get better. At All Our Kids, our reading tutors are charged with the duty of making students practice oral reading, comprehensive discussions on contents of books, as well as building confidence while reading.

All our tutors go through rigorous recruitment, screening, and training processes to ensure they are the perfect ones for the countless number of students we cater to their reading, writing, and mathematical problems. We conduct thorough research to handpick caring people willing to devote their time to tutor and help our kids become better persons. Our recruitment covers a wide range of sources, to ensure we come up with the right tutor for children.

We understand that a successful tutoring program lies greatly on the level of training the tutors undergo. Our reading, writing, and math tutors are abreast of the tutoring process and are well-equipped with the right materials. They know the interaction process with kids and can always make children understand without being tensed.

Our Tutoring program is tailored to meet the needs of children who encounter challenge when reading, writing or solving mathematics. All Our Kids, with the help of donations from the masses, can meet the needs of students that require assistance with assessing their weakness and helping them become better. 

Job Introduction and Skill Training

All Our Kids organizes special workshops, seminars, and programs to empower students and equip them with the skills they need to develop our community and become better individuals.


One of our humanitarian services is Mentoring, and we take pride in our ability to mentor students and children to become the future our generations look unto. Mentoring is all about support and guidance; we blend our mentorship program with empathy, compassion and care to ensure that all who participate in our mentoring sessions will grow to become better people the community can always count on.

At All Our Kids, we go far and beyond to understand your existing strength and then, build on them. We believe that every kid is born with unique and great power but may change through bad learning. Our mentors access these strengths and leverage them to better lives. We guide students as life plays out; it’s beyond mere talks. We help our beneficiaries set goals, build their confidence and map out working strategies to achieve these goals. We make kids focused, open their eyes into what they can become and how they can become what they choose. We recreate minds to build capable men and influential woman who meet their goals and stand out in the future.

We understand that mentoring focuses more on making decisions, but we start making kids learn how to build solid and thoughtful decisions and set life goals. We make students learn the strategies for becoming successful in life. While some students accept and learn these strategies without hassles, others find it difficult. Our experienced and expert mentors know how to help these students become better.

We realize that many smart kids are already conscious of the future but needs more detailed and in-depth insight into their lives; so much that many adults can’t comprehend. We help such students get things perfectly and create meaningful relationships that help them achieve life goals.