Job Introduction and Skill Training

All Our Kids organizes special workshops, seminars, and programs to empower students and equip them with the skills they need to develop our community and become better individuals. Our Job Introduction sessions build and strengthen the relationships to link up qualified applicants to employers. Our employability training sets our beneficiaries on the right track of building their skills and getting their dream jobs.

We are a non-profit brand, and all donations are tax deductible while we utilize the rest in building a better future for students. We seek organizations, companies, and brands that are ready to pick up and employ our skilled students. We don’t just fold our hands and watch this happen; we constantly seek networks of employment opportunities and by creating unmatched and long-lasting relationships with top employers who often need well-trained and capable human resources.

We recruit students, analyze their skill set and group them into where they fit in. Our expert trainers and career guide personnel help them brush up their skills, making them employable. We also make students learn how to craft resume any employee can fall for. Likewise, our interview skill workshops are topnotch; we teach students how to behave during interviews, and how to win jobs even with the highest competition. We also organize employee engagement workshops where students are taught how to comport and behave when they get employed. Of course, the carefulness and commitment to being a good employee continue even after employment.