All Our Kids is not just another kid support program; we are a team of positive future-minded personnel that believes in building greater minds and changing lives of children. We are committed to strengthening communities by nurturing and building children who are ready to fit into the skill-demanding society. We only exist with your support, and that is we don’t just see your support as donations but an investment into the future of our kids; without a doubt, it takes a community to raise a child.

For several years, we have grown with the philosophy that advocates bracing children up for a better tomorrow. We have been helping children increase their self-esteem, build their academic skills and become better persons and iconic beings in the future. We are an unmatched donor-supported tutoring and mentoring network where people who value the future of our community kids invest in raising better kids. All Our Kids believe that mentoring and building better kids don’t just benefit individual families but the entire community as a whole. When we tutor and mentor better kids while showing them how to fit into various job positions and become better employees and employers, our community with me virtually void of crimes. We can do this with your support!